Rising Free FW & Avast Free

Anyone using Rising FW Free?

Anyone using Rising FW Free & Avast Free. I was running Windows FW & Avast on XP SP3. I installed Rising FW. Now internet is not working. If I disable Avast then internet works. I checked behaviour shield of Avast was showing last blocked internet explorer.

Tried restarting the system. Now behaviour shield is not showing anything blocked but net is not working. Disabling Avast net works. Any info?

How is Rising FW Free?


Viceversa is also working i.e if I disable Rising FW & keep Avast enabled then too net works. But both enabled net doesn’t works.

Adding Rising processes in Avast webshield excusion solved the prob.

How is Rising FW Free in your opinion? Is it better than Windows 7 FW 32/64 Bits?