Rising Antivirus create the viruses they kill

"Yu Bing, former director of the Internet monitoring department of Beijing’s Public Security Bureau, had his agency send out a “virus warning” telling the public to download software from the company Rising Antivirus, to combat a particular computer virus.

But that virus was itself devised by Rising Antivirus, who bribed Yu to send out an email to drum up business, according to a Dec. 2 First Financial Daily report."

an antivirus company that has a free version, which is as good (in the included parts) as the parts would be in the paid version, is much more sympatic since i read this text.

dont trust companies who try to let you pay for whatever they have, while they dig out arguments of fear to motivate you to buy.

To nime. Thanks for the info. Fear mongering is a mighty low act.

Are the two Beijing Rising Comodo defined trusted software vendors entries related to Rising antivirus?

if you look at langguy99’s reviews you see that the cloud-based AV didn’t do a good job against zero-day malware. If you don’t want to use comodo’s AV use avast; avast will give you the best protection a free AV can give and also must realtime protection. (AVG is also popular, and good… that I am not that about that).

I find comodo’s AV good compared to before.


Thanks there Valentin, I am also using Comodos av, I just thought I would bring the Rising entries to everyones attention if the write up is true.

the internet security suite did a much better job to protect the user. I forgot to add that in my previous post. Sorry