rightclick files to make them trusted

i hope the topic makes sense, and i hope im in the right section.

i would like to see the possibility to easily make executables trusted (or whatever) by rightclicking the file in explorer and choosing “trusted” or “installation file” or whatever it could be. the popup sometimes like to crash programs not yet trusted, and this would definitely speed up the process of making them trusted.


This may lead to inadvertent trusting of applications by novice users, as this feature means adding of an extra explorer key. Sometimes a person who wish to scan the file with CIS may inadvertently click (mouse slips) on ‘trust’ leading to complete mayhem.

then add the ability to turn it on, and have it off by default?


  1. I hate things cluttering up my right-click menu’s
  2. There is a listing of trusted vendors through signed applications. (It is overflowing with vendors by default the way it is. I would prefer to see less trusted vendors, not more.)
  3. I like it being a bit out of the way, because it prevents new users from simply randomly adding the vendors of every file they download to avoid the popup’s… thus bypassing any default deny protection D+ offers.

well, i guess im alone on this one then =P. i would like to see some sort of improvement to make it easier, but if it aint happening i guess i have to go the long way. shucks =(

I feel suggestion itself may be a lengthy procedure. Most of the original executables are in the program files. Most of the icons outside like desktop etc. are just links.

So, if your suggestion is implemented, even then, people will have to navigate all the way to the original exe file, which will take a lot of time. Also, for many programs, in the program files folder there will be many executables and we have select the correct one, which will also take more time. Also, as indicated earlier, the risk of mouse slips could also be very dangerous.

The present system of defense+ gives alert for the original exe file and the user can just select trusted application when the alert pops up with remember action if he wants.

For me, it is okay, without much risks as even in case of a mouse slip, it will not be implemented until I okays it. For other it may vary.

I would be happier when using the My Safe Applications wizard that the explorer dialogue box would filter out the .exe files in folders by default and have .bat and .com as other filter options in the dropdown menu. That makes selecting files so much easier.