How do I give myself sufficient “rights” to rum Acronis TI. Must I set it to be sandboxed and unrestricted?

No if you trust it, put it on your “My Own Safe Files” that way it will run outside the sandbox/limiter and with the same “permissions” as your user account has.

That seems to work but should it be needed when Acronis is already listed by Comodo as a trusted vendor?

Was Acronis True Image installed before CIS V4?

I have them both installed and haven`t come accross any issues, what are doing, a back up, image, try and decide?

Acronis is in the Trusted vendor list and signs.

TI was there prior to V3. I was going to make an image but received the access right error prior to the TI menu.

There does seem to be some issues with doing a System state back up, allthough i can at least get that far!

Strange how i havent had to change anything and can access TI yet you cant ???

Can you create an image now?

Scrub that it`s working now, just system state seems to not start…

Putting the entire TI directory in my own safe files allowed me to make an image but I still had to answer many pop ups.