Right programs?

Is it right programs for PC security;

CIS, BOClean and Windows Defender.

May be Windows Defender needless.

Do i need more programs for security my PC?

I think that these are enough.


hey Avatarsiz. CIS and BOCLEAN should have you covered… If you still feel you need more than you can use MBAM\SAS free to scan your pc every now and then.

hi avatarsiz (:HUG)
CIS alone is a complete package of AV,firewall & HIPS. you won’t need anything else i think (:NRD)
but… maybe you wanna add some more additional virus scanner.
these are the most commmon additional on demand scanners used by ppl:
Malwarebytes Antimalware

(actually, those are what i have on my comp (:TNG) )

Thanks for help.