Right click to scan with Comodo Antivirus doesn't do anything (anymore)

Any idea how to solve this?

What I suspect (but they might have anything with it, but just in case):
● I disabled few services, could it be that?
● I ran before Ccleaner, and removed duplicate files.
● I installed Clamwin, and uninstalled it.

version 5.5.195786.1383 (I’m not interested to update)

Moved to help boards, please note as you are using 5.5 antivirus updates will end shortly.

*** WARNING CIS version 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 4 and lower are no longer updated on the AV database ***

WARNING Comodo will stop providing databases older than v5.8 in the near future. For all those still using versions these of CIS or CAV they will have to upgrade to v5.8 or newer

FAQ post here


I am using the free version of COMODO ( on Windows 7 Home 64 bit on an ASUS laptop.
I do not use any exotic file explorers or so. I DO use ccleaner and MBAM. But these are not running in the background
I find the right click scan functionality very usefull but it doesn’t work.

  • Sometimes it is not able to scan a downloaded file for the 2nd time.
  • It does not seem extension related (.exe, .msi etc)
  • Up to now I did not find it was SIZE related
  • For me it is fully random if it works or not
  • Actually, it seems that the file is always scanned. I found the results back in the logs!

This is a quite annoying issue. I also found that this problem has been mentioned more times before on the boards. It would be nice if this could be solved once and for all.
For the rest I like the product very much. It does not use that much cpu and memory and I like the features.
Sorry, I didn’t pay for the product, I should not complain too much.
Hope you find my comment usefull

I solved the problem by using clamwin (open source). During install check the “integration with windows explorer”, you could right click and scan. I still use comodo for the firewall which works as expected.