Right Click Threat Removal Options From AV Event List (LOG)

Hey all,

I am new to Comodo and these forums but I am very impressed by what I’ve seen and the various comparison tests out there. I am currently using XP SP3 with Comodo 3.14 (latest non-beta).

Maybe I missed something - but every piece of AV software I have used in the past allows me to easily remove threats after it initially detected them and prompted. The log of threats is there - I just want to be able to right click on something (log) and take an action AFTER the complete scan is over and done with. This way I can decide what actions to take on the files I think may be false positives, but I may want a second opinion on - like from Virustotal.

Sorry if this has been requested before, but I posted this essentially in CIS AV Help and no one responded, which means to me that this capability doesn’t already exist in the software.

Thank you,


The log viewer has improved alot on CIS4, though I’m not sure if this feature has been implemented, but yeah that would be nice.