Right click Scan

I just recently was looking at my daughters laptop she left behind. My first time experiencing Windows7.

Not as many malware 86 as compared to my other daughters XP 146. But she had five search windows ?

When I installed Malwarebytes and Emissoft Free neither had the right click scan ! Is this true for just these two products or Windows7 ?

OFF Topic: What really frustrates me about Windows7 is the cursor randomly opening folders I might accidentally hover over. Tried following several different instructions but nothing seems to work. Never did check to see if there was a Microsoft Fixit for this ?

Was hoping there might be a way to reintroduce the right click scan in these two programs .


Hi UncleDoug,

Both products (free versions) do have Windows Explorer integration.
That is disabled in Malwarebytes (MBAM) as a default after installation.
I could be wrong, but as far as I remember it is set “On” in Emsisoft Anti-Malware (EAM)

  • go Settings> General Settings in MBAM. Set “Yes” radio-button for Explorer context menu entry;
  • go Configuration> General Tab in EAM and tick Activate Explorer integration checkbox

If by Emsisoft Free you mean free Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK) – that one is portable scanner/remover, which indeed doesn’t provide the said Explorer integration


most likely you are talking about mouse pad (touchpad) on laptop and its crazy behaviour
… moreover, with some combination of pressed pad control buttons you can accidentally remove very important stuff, when item(s) are highlighted…
Sure you were searching/reading “mouse pad on laptop too sensitive” or alike. Don’t forget to specify your laptop manufacturer. In many cases you need to upgrade a driver and after that use advised adjustments & tricks. My “method” to deal with such kind of pain “below your back”: get a wireless mouse such as the one with tiny USB nano-receiver.


Thanks SiberLynx

With Malwarebytes I had to checkExplorer Context Menu and with Emissoft I had to uncheck and recheck the box for it to work.
As for as the touchpad on this laptop, I searched for Windows7 curser randomly opening files and folders when hovering over it. Trying to turn that feature OFF. Yes it does jump around some times while I am typing again another headache.

This is an older Toshiba Satellite laptop with Synaptec software. Everything seems up to date even drivers. Oh it looks like this laptop was updated from Vista to Windows7.

Thank you for the tip for the Right Click Scan