Right click scan

Why won’t comodo scan certain file types such as video files?
Whenever I right click a video file it says 0 files has been scanned

Hi Gator,
In Manual Scanner Settings increase the size of Do not scan files larger than to something greater than the file to be scanned.

Are there any limitations? is default fine for the realtime and scheduled?
Is there a character I can put in that means unlimited?

The default is fine, its unlike for a virus to choose to spread through large files. They tend to choose small files to speed up propagation.

I agree with aim4it.
I would also say the default settings are fine, the developers would have spent many hours studying malware and give very little risk of threats being larger than the default settings.
It is not impossible for malware above that size, but the cases of it above this would be rare.
If an increase in malware above the default size becomes evident, I am sure the default size will be increased.
It use to be set at 20MB a while back and as soon as it became increasingly evident of malware above that size an update become available to increase the default size to 40MB.

Defense plus will still be protecting the system regardless of the set size for the AV component.

Is there a character I can put in that means unlimited?
Not that I know of.

Thank you both for your help ;D

You are welcome Gator. :slight_smile:

One more question…how do you guys scan big .iso’s and big files in general? I don’t want to just ignore large files, I want to be able to scan ALL files when I do a scan of any kind.
Alot of times it will scan in a second and say finished so i’m pretty sure it didn’t scan it right
I have put it at 5120 mb (5 gb) and other than the scanner performance warning is this safe to put it this high?
I have lots of big files is why.

I am not sure that ISOs get unzipped/extracted during a manual scan, this question has been put out there before and I am not sure that a definite answer has come out sorry.
Maybe a developer can answer this for us for certain.
They will be doing no harm even if something sinister is present until executed/extracted and then Comodo D+ will jump on it.
If anyone has more information on the scanning of ISOs please join in.