Right Click Scan


I have CAV installed on a W7 64 bit laptop.
When I try to right click scan one of the many folders on my desktop the result, most times, says 0 files were scanned; other times it will give the wrong number of files (it will say “Objects Scanned: 1” when in fact there were 7 files in the folder).
Is this a known issue?


P.S. my on demand scanners (MSE, Mbam, HitmanPro) all scan correctly.

How big are the files, default CIS won’t scan files larger then 40MB, since large files don’t allow malicious software to propagate efficiently.

An addition to this, the context-menu scanner runs within the users security permissions, therefor it doesn’t have access to files/folders that need ‘admin’ permissions.
Can you make a scan profile in CIS, AV and see if that produces the same results?

Thanks for the answer aim4it.
You’re right, increasing the size of the files to be scanned solved my problem.


@Ronny, the scan profile will only work if I increase the file size, otherwise it produces the same results.