Right click on any desktop icon hangs after registry cleaning

After using the registry cleaner in Vista, when i right click on any desktop icon, the pull down menu doesn’t appear. Only the hourglass showed up. Nothing happens with i click on “start”. The system hangs.
I resolved the problem by system restore. Any idea what particular file or registry entry could have caused this? Incidentally, one other registry cleaner i tried had the same problem.


Hi ,
Please send me the entries deleted .
Thanks for the post.

Er… how? Is there a log file somewhere?

Picture of where you can find the log


[attachment deleted by admin]

I’ve attached a copy of the log. I’m now not certain if the problematic entry is there as I’ve used other registry cleaners after the problem first appeared in an attempt to find out what was causing the problem. Seems like it just got more complicated.

The situation now is that whenever I right click on any icon on the desktop, the system hangs. But when I “switch user” and “log off” several times by ctrl-alt-del, miraculously, the right click functionality can be restored. But it takes some trial and error. And I can tell when the right click function is restored as the Comodo firewall main window will always pop up.

I’m using Vista 32bit btw.


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More observations:
Whenever the comodo firewall window pops up after switching user (thus signaling that the right click is working), the Proactive Defense is actually blocking SuperAntiSpyware (Action:Access Memory; Target: cmdagent.exe).

My Proactive Defense is set to “Training”. Does that tell us something?

Make SAS a Trusted Application in Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy. Also don’t leave training mode on forever, Atleast a day or 2 first time using it. Then switch back to Safe Mode or Clean PC Mode.


It didn’t work. The setting switched back to “custom” after restarting the computer.
In the end, I removed SAS. And guess what, right click still did not work!

From another forum, I used a reg file that essentially adds this line to the registry:


After logging off and logging in, it works. The problem is I have to to this every time I restart the computer. Any idea what’s going on?