Right-click context menu scans

Right-click context menu scans using Comodo only take 1 second, even if it’s a 300mb file. Is that normal? Is a proper, thorough scan being performed?

Also, if I select multiple files in explorer and perform a right-click context menu scan, in the Comodo window next to “Task”, only one of the files that have been scanned is mentioned. How do I even know if all the selected files were scanned?

By default AV doesn’t scan files more than 40 Mb.
Adjust scanning according to the instruction.

just to add to jenny66’s response the contxt menu scan uses the full scan profile in the settings

Thanks for the replies. I can see a couple of things potentially worrying about this default behaviour.

Firstly, the 300 mb file is a .exe, and if I scan it with an old version of Avast, it shows me that the .exe is made up of many, many smaller files (.html files, .gif files, etc.) What if one of these files contained a virus? By Comodo’s default settings, it wouldn’t be found because the .exe is more than 40 mb.

Which leads me to my second concern: Comodo makes the user think that the > 40 mb file is scanned. There is nothing to indicate that the file wasn’t scanned, just that no threat was found. Well, no threat was found because the file wasn’t scanned. It seems that no threat found does not mean that there is no threat.

Is this as worrying as it seems to be, from a safety perspective? Is there an explanation to put my mind at ease? Why is 40 mb the default size limit when a .exe can contain smaller files, why does Comodo make us think that it has scanned a file when it hasn’t, and do you recommend that I increase the size that a file must be before it is not scanned?

I was hoping to be reassured! “No, you got it all wrong, it’s quite safe because…” But it seems there are some holes, at least on by default until someone happens to stumble across the options deep in the settings!