Right Click causes Explorer to crash on certain folders

Hello!!! May I ask for assistance please? I have been using Comodo for 2 years now without a problem. Comodo 4 to be exact. Now albeit rather late, I have just updated to CIS 5 and rebooted and get this strange crash. The first picture shows an example. I use a program called dosbox to play olddos games on my windows 7x64 OS. No problems with that as is shown in the first picture (folder.png) I have a CD folder to store an image of my CD and a C folder to hold the installation files. Now when I right click any folder other then the C folder here it is fine as shown in picture 2 (rightclick.png) As soon as I right click the C folder the explorer crashes and restarts itself. I can open it and use Ctrl-C to copy it, whatever but I cant right click it. As soon as I uninstall CIS5 and go back to CIS4 everything is fine. Any help would be greatly appreaciated!!

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Hello Bladeforce,

I am wondering if you are running any other security applications?
and Also you said that explorer just crash’s? Does the process crash or the whole computer it self(BSOD) ?


Seems this was just a coincidence i downloaded a program called autoruns Autoruns for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn installed it and deleted all entried that had “file not found” in the explorer tab and it worls fine now. Have to say CIS4 left an explorer extension in there under file not found maybe that was it? It’s fine now many thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Possibly, Its always recommended to uninstall and then run Either Revo with the uninstaller or this

Anything else i can help you with?