Right clic > set security policy

i have saw some post asking for gaming mode, but i think its no good, so i noticed there is a easiest way to avoit the black screen of force shutdown, and it is to make a right clic in an aplication and set as trusted.
but with this comes the possible problem of weakness sploit for malware, to avoit it what need to be made is instead of a set as trusted, is a set security policy and a comodo popup asking for the aplication.
i think this way cannot be made any macro for it.
if im understimating what macros can do then the comodo popup can have random places for the options. so i thinks this is the ideal solution for many problems in D+

if a right clic new option is not good you may like to put it in manual antivirus scan,
eq: you right clic on the game executable and scan with COMODO antivirus, then in the scan window after finished u can set the D+ security policy