Right ask (learn) mode for all applications CIS 5.x Win7 64bit

I’am using CIS 5.x for the first time. I have tried to config the firewall, but even I have read some help I’m not sure how I can do some things. My importend wish is to control incoming and outgoing traffic and execution of other programs!
I followed the rules of Unraveling the Mysteries of CPUs - Gizmo's Best but I don’t know (or I’am not really sure) how I can configure CSI to ask me if an application wants to make an outgoing request or an incomimg request for the first time and learn from my answers if I will save this as rule.
I have never configured IE but IE can go out ??? as webbrowser and for some svchost processes I have to confirm it. wmpnetwk.exe (Media Player) is listening on 544 which I havn’t confirm any time before. I don’t know where and how I can place a rule which ask me for every application (not for the necessary system process to support a home network) and will learn from my answers!
In Network Security Policy → Global Rules there are no ask mode possible. In Firewall Behavior Settings the Security Level is Safe Mode but for the IE I was never asked! Of course I can place a rule for all applications to ask me every time but shouldn’t this allready be done by the Safe Mode?
So please which is the best way for me?


Let me see if i can help you today!

CIS Automatically decides if an Application is safe to run / connect to the Internet.

If you wish to be asked for every application if it can connect to the internet.
Right Click CIS Icon on the taskbar > Firewall Security Level > Custom Policy

This will tell CIS to ask you every-time a app tries to access the internet (If you check Remember My Answer The rule will go in the Network Security Policy)

Safe mode will check if the application is marked safe by Comodo and automatically Allow it.
this is why IE and Media Player was automatically allowed.

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Hi Jacob!

Really fast answer - thank you - and I think this is what I want.

But let me add another little question.

Is it possible to check whether an application is marked as save and is it possible to remove it (only locally) from this database?

Highly interest 

Your Most Welcome Melgoth!

This is all from my head and may not be 100% accurate.

If you go to CIS(Open up CIS) > Firewall Section > Firewall Settings > Check “Create Rules for Safe applications” > Ok

Network Security Policy > This is where all the rules will be located for the applications on your PC

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Yes ;D - … I will try it in detail tomorrow!

Thanks’ a lot