RFE: Add configurable option to remove Comodo Antivirus from context menu

I installed Comodo Internet Security 3.8. However, and until Comodo AntiVirus gets better at detection and adds the heuristics, I will continue to use Avast for my anti-virus/malware protection. Hopefully when CAS adds its heuristics, it will include the Web Shield of Avast (that inspects the current content of a web page for malicious code) and the protection of Finjan (which also checks the content of a web page, including dynamically obfuscated code, but the free version only works with search results).

As a result, I installed Comodo AntiVirus in the install of CIS but chose to disable it. Later when it gets much better, I may use it. This means I have CAS available as an on-demand scanner to provide a 2nd opinion. However, even with CAS disabled, the “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” context menu entry is still listed. Yes, I realize this is part of the on-demand functionality but I don’t want it in the context menu. If I want to perform an on-demand scan, I’ll use the “Run a scan” function in the Comodo UI.

In the Antivirus options in the Comodo UI, and under Scanner Settings, there is a Manual Scanning tab. An option should be added there to enable/disable the context menu entry. To get rid of it now, I have to use Nirsoft’s Shell Extension Viewer to disable that item which will remove it from the context menu but normal users should not be expected to find 3rd party utilities to alter the behavior of Comodo’s products.

So my Request for Enhancement is:

  • Add a configurable option to enable/disable the context menu entry for “Scan with Comodo Antivirus”.

In addition, it is hoped that the later improvements in CAS include:

  • Checking web page content similar to Avast’s Web Shield and Finjan add-on.
  • Check for dynamic code obfuscation similar to Finjan (but not just in search results but every page visited).

moving to wishlist :P0l