Rewarding our Loyal Forum Followers!! $1,000 to $???,???

Comodo has a loyal and strong following who are always spreading our products to the masses. How would you like to be rewarded for doing what you already do today?

We are finalizing the details and want to give our forum some love by doing one contest only for you guys before we roll out to the masses.

Here are the initial details:

Get as many people as you can to buy livePCsupport or CIS Pro within a 30 day time frame and the winner will get $1,000.

  • We’ll provide the referring URL to use and the process to get one.
  • We may setup a trial to sale % minimum.
  • For all the people that don’t win, they will still be in the running for random drawings of cash and software prizes!
  • We’ll provide updates on who is winning, etc!

Let us know your thoughts. Check back soon to find out more!

-livePCsupport Marketing

I like this Lewis…

Everyone, pls join and make some money! :slight_smile:

I like this, I want money. The economy sucks where I am, so anything that can give me money I am all for.

Anything to round up some more Fanboys… ;D

Hey Bob,

Can I ask - what prompted you to post this? This is a genuine question and not a bait or a flame.

I’d like to understand what your motivations were. I understand that fanboys, regardless of what forum they’re found on, can be a distraction and, while Comodo have their share, so do a lot of other software products.

Is the problem fanboys? Or is the problem Comodo and specifically this new and admittedly different marketing method?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’m not sure he was using the word fanboys in a negative way. It’s not always bad if somebody calls you one.

Yeah, I know. I’m just trying to understand.

I like being a Comodo fanboy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you asked,
Fanboys/Girls are those who post with binders on. They never see the faults and we all know that Comodo isn’t perfect.
In my opinion, your marketing strategy leaves a lot to be desired.

:wink: It isn’t mine. It’s Comodo’s.

Well, in my case of fanboyism, it means that I’m a fan of Comodo.

Others may see it differently.

But I still notice, and don’t hide, the faults I find with Comodo. Though I do try and keep a positive attitude.

Lol…but I thought mods were the backbone behind Comodo! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

+1, I’m the same.

Wooho, enlighten us… We are like killing the forum with posts about how perfect and how there is no problems with anything associated with comodo…

If you feel like having something important to do with your life then perhaps join a course that matter. Like tree-hugging?? If you open up your eyes a little you would see that “fanboys” are NOT comodo only… Jet you are here whining? I happen to like comodo. You happen to like some other product? thats fine. Failing to uninstal comodoBoClean must have generated some serious hate on your part…

Prehaps you should aim to join the wilders moderator team… They could use some highly skilled people that can see “all” the faults we other mortals fail to see…

Yah lets ■■■■■ on comodo… You should do your research, resellerprograms is VERY common… most the others security vendors has it… Yet you are like “ohh comodo marketing sooo baaaddd” trying to sell their product…






A2 squared/Online armour:


This I just found by browsing some security vendors, Iam pretty sure most others has one too… All that I searched if they had an affiliate program of some sort had it…

What exactly is it you feel that is so wrong with comodo offering something to forum users that sells some of their product?? Its ok when all the others are doing it I guess??

Typical comodo hater double standard…

Wow Monkey_Boy=),
I must have struck a nerve…
Calm down. :slight_smile:

Iam always calm… O0 :-TU

You could have fooled me with that post. It sounded like you where upset.

My statement still stands:

Fanboys/Girls are those who post with blinders on.

Ok… I can agree with your definition here… I don’t believe I met any fangirls thou (unfortunately)…

Fanboys/Girls are those who post with binders on.

I guess you mean blinders. That may be your definition but I would also call someone a fanboy if they defend something from innaccurate attacks. Doing so does not mean that they have blinders on and don’t acknowledge the faults that what they are defending has. It’s also true that what some might consider a fault, others are perfectly happy with. I personally have never seen a poster on a forum who I would consider a self blinded “fanboy”. Oh wait , I take that back in the case of the Linux geeks and some of the Firefox supporters. :wink:

Fanboys/Girls are those who post with blinders on.

I take that back in the case of the Linux geeks and some of the Firefox supporters.

They exist on all forums including this one.
Until people learn to take off their blinders, and stop being afraid of reprisals, you’ll never get an honest review of Comodo or any other product.

I singled out Linux and Firefox supporters to point out that calling somebody a fanboy very often stems from them supporting something you don’t like. Although I will say that it amuses me that Firefox supporters will always point to having to install addons to achieve greater security that what is available out of the box as being a plus. I consider it a fault. They will constantly deride browser test results by saying “well, you didn’t install this or that addon that would have made the results different”. Browser tests should be done with the default install and when they are, Firefox usually falls short of the mark. In security testing especially.

Anyway, to get back to the thread topic, there is nothing wrong with Comodo doing what many other companies in all fields have done before them. Someone becoming a new Comodo user does not make them a “fanboy”.