revo uninstaller found > 10000 invalid registry entry ???

I use portable Revo uninstaller. :slight_smile: Haven’t got any problems with it :-TU Always use in Advanced Mode, always delete everything it finds :slight_smile: Revo doesn’t find all the stuff sometimes, but as for free application it does a ■■■■ good job. Recommended by Commodus.Inc ;D

I use it to, I think it’s a great app…


I use it here as well it’s awesome :slight_smile:

when uninstalling huge programs like MS office and home and student, ms works, etc (trials that came with my pc) revo found around 8k-10k for each.

i should’ve just deleted the >10.000 leftovers, now i can’t get rid of this sweetIM monkey :THNK
there’s portable version of revo ??? and what’s the difference between the regular version & the portable one?