revo uninstaller found > 10000 invalid registry entry ???

is this normal ??? sweet IM is a smiley package for Yahoo messenger.
i’m not sure how, it also installed the toolbar >:( , i removed the toolbar with revo uninstaller (i’m currently removing it) and look at the leftover registry entries :o
is it normal ??? more than 11.000 and still haven’t finished :o

edit: 15.500 registry leftovers and still counting. :o

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Anything is possible…

I would quickly read them to double check…
or just leave them and use CRC To Clean Them


yeah, i just clicked cancel & ignore it 88) & use CCleaner like usual.
haven’t seen so much “invalid” entries before. ???
thx sir!
semper fi brother! :P0l (i love this word ;D )

anybody got similar experience ???

Well I tried to uninstall AutoCAD 2008 once, which didn’t work, so I removed it the “hard way” - and then RegSeeker found a couple of thousands of registry leftovers. ;D Obviously AutoCAD bloats the registry crazily, which I’ve also seen after compacting. AutoCAD adds several megabytes to the registry.


Well, it could be normal… Revo scans are quite exact so… When you uninstall another program, it should give even more registry problems, as it searches for other already uninstalled keys also…


hmm, i just cancelled it coz i was too afraid 88)
but this is the first time revo uninstaller find so many leftovers ???
cursed toolbar >:(

normally, how many registry entries will be added when we install 1 software ???

The only software that has installed over ten thousand registry keys on my PC is Windows XP (:TNG). Otherwise it would be malware :o

That depends on what software you install… Some doesn’t add anything (portable applications), and some software, like Nero, adds 1,000s of registry entries.

…which makes the Windows registry a lousy solution in my opinion. Any program is allowed to write anything to the heart of the OS. :frowning:


Even portable programs write to the registry, which is unexpected unless you explore it yourself >:(

:o but avast didn’t catch anything :o
check this out :
seems legit 88)

hmmm :THNK

Is SweetIM considered spyware?
NO! SweetIM does not collect any personal information and is not bundled with any third party application. It’s completely “spyware”-free and “adware”-free, and has NO viruses.

i don’t get it, registry is like command right? it tells the computer to do things. what possibly this toolbar do with so many entries :o

Yeah, luckily they usually (?) write only a few things, which should be found by a decent reg-cleaner. So portable programs are the least bad compromise…


Obviously 88)


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yeah ??? even the monkey looks innocent 88)

10000 registry entries are not very much. Try uninstalling Incredimail - you’ll see a similar view :wink:

Yeah, it’s not a spyware, but a browser hijacker 88)

But it does show that it installs a toolbar 88)

yeah that one too 88)

i don’t remember exactly but i remember unticking several options upon installation ???
so what? >:( it removed all of them but still get the stupid monkey search page >:(
oh but this is about the > 10.000 registry letovers :stuck_out_tongue:

i really don’t see the need of >13000 registry entries to run a toolbar ???

I’m sure everyone of them is most needed. (:TNG)


oh since this is about revouninstaller. anybody use it? is it really reliable on finding leftovers ??? i usually use it on advance level & just delete every leftovers it find, but after finding >10.000 leftovers, i’ll think twice before deleting them 88)