Revisiting the "Failed to update the virus signature database" problem

Hello again,

I’m running Win XP pro 32bit on a 4Gb Dell laptop.

I have been having the problem of CIS not being able to update the virus signatures where it asks you to “check your internet connection”.

I know this problem is mentioned in many other posts but here’s what I did (and the result)

Got the “Failed to update…” message while using version 3.13.121240.574
Uninstalled that version and today, I have downloaded version 3.13.125662.579 (CIS_Setup_3.13.125662.579_XP_Vista_x32.exe)
After the fresh install, the virus definintions were showing as “never updated” link, so
I clicked the link and tried to get the signatures to update.
The progress window comes up and it gets to 5% then
The progress window states “Failed to update the virus signature database / Please check your internet connection…”

Any ideas why this is happening after the fresh install? Any fix?



Just installed the CIS and I’m also having this “Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later” problem on a new desktop with 64-bit Windows 7.

I restarted the PC twice. Internet is working just fine. I even opened & refreshed Internet Explorer & Firefox and then tried again but still getting the same message.

Product Ver: 3.14.129887.586
Virus Signature Databse Ver: 3720

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

oops… tried again right after writing earlier post and this time CIS did update virus signature database to 3744


Do you have other security programs or network related programs like Netlimiter running in the background? Try disabling them and see if that helps or not.

Notice there is a new version to be had in COMODO Internet Security 3.14.129887.586 released.

Hello, my CIS won’t update my virus database on any of my computers (Vista and XP). I have version 3.14.13009.587.

What should I do?

What does it say when it reports an error?

Does it stall at a given percentage (50% ,51% etc)?

It stops at 50% on both machines. And it says “Please check your internet connection” (the same I am using to post my messages on this board :wink:

You probably have a corrupted download of AV definitions.

There are two solutions to this:

Both of them will get the latest full AV database. After the reboot you will have to get the latest incremental updates; usually that is only several hundreds of kBytes.

Does this fix it for you?