Reviews On Performance of Free AV's

Hello, I am trying to find good testing agencies which have evaluated the performance impact of Free AV’s. So far I have found AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, but they do not provide enough information for my purposes.

Could someone please point me towards other performance rankings? I would really appreciate it.


It’s only one part; that’s memory usage, but it does provide you with some basic things that aren’t included in other performance tests, most notably the number of processes. It allows me to some extent gauge how much an av can potentially impact the performance of my system.

Thanks. Do you know of any other ones? I think I’m likely going to have to compile results from multiple sites for the comparison.

Well, there’s this:

I’m really interested in this. If you finish, can I hope you would also inform me? :wink: It’s really rather difficult to find a reliable–or perhaps “thorough” should be the word here–examination of av performances because we’re not provided an in-depth look at the actual performance of an av.

I mean to say, most reviews only show RAM usage, either the main program client or a total of all its running services. The important details that we also need to see go beyond memory usage. There’s also CPU usage, the number of threads and processes, read-write processes, what features causes the spikes, the affective period of spikes (fresh scans for example would use more resources over a period of time which range from a day like Avast! or a full week like Bitdefender, or is it when a process is launched and if this is a running trend for it or just for the initial launch), etc. etc. etc.

I’m looking for other reviews which supply numerical statistics, such as the first link you provided. I hadn’t thought this would be so difficult to find, although perhaps one of the reasons is that the testers realize it will perform differently on different machines. Still, I thought I’d be able to easily find a baseline.

When I have more time I will try to track down more on my own. However, until then if anyone knows of any other reviews specific to AV performance please let me know.