Reviewing CIS 5 for a computer security event

Hello Guys! Finally I got the chance to give CIS 5 a review for an upcoming event in my brother’s school! I’ll try my best to give it a fair review and give you guys the document after reviewing it. Please do your best in gathering signatures so Comodo will get a good score and pass the standards. Bring it on! ;D

Would be awesome if you can film it :wink:

do your best:) btw tell your brother to tell the school to pre-configure CIS.


The sandbox should leave that PC sparkling clean after a restart. :smiley:

Would be awesome if you can film it
Exact :-TU [b]Lord Ami[/b] Kind regards


I noticed the post date on this. Do you have the document on this/have you filmed it? I would love to see what you wrote and what people’s reaction was.