Reversed password prompt for advanced settings.

I have noticed we all want less prompts but without security compromises.

Currently with password protection enabled you get a password prompt to enter ‘Advanced settings’, but no prompts when either OK or Cancel are chosen to close.

My idea is to have no password prompt required to enter ‘Advanced settings’, but if any settings are changed then click OK to apply you get a prompt saying “To apply changes please enter your password, otherwise click cancel to close”.

This way your security is still present, but without the burden of requiring a password if you are only viewing and not changing your ‘Advanced settings’.


That would be a great idea if they implement it. +1


I would also Like to bring up what happens when you forget the password or a friend figures your password out and decides to changes it as a joke and you can’t get it changed for several days. What would you do then?

Hi andrei1997,
Reset Forgotten Password (Advanced)

thanks Captain. I do not have that problem, but was curious to see if there was a way to fix it if it did happen.

You are welcome.
Having the ability is a security compromise for the sake of a usability necessity. :wink: