Reverse mistaken block

I mistakenly blocked an application needed to enable an IE 8 facility. It shows in the blocked items list as C:\Windows\system 32\mshta.exe, and was described in the Comodo options alert (allow, block) as dangerous, therefore I blocked it, but now I think that warning was in error and I want to reverse that block. Please advise how to do. Thanks for help.

Hi robfo,

Welcome to the forums, did you block this on the firewall or the Defense+ alert?
In the first case you can go to firewall, advanced, network security policy.

Find the rule c:\windows\system32\mshta.exe and select it, then press remove, next apply the policy.
This should recreate the alert.

If it’s a Defense+ warning you can go to Defense+, Advanced, Computer Security policy and repeat the above.

Make sure you trust the reason why MSHTA.exe is called because it’s also known to be abused by malware.

Thanks for your response. I blocked in Firewall. Comodo v. (cfp.exe) 3.14. I didn’t find the rule "c:\windows\system32\mshta.exe ", but did find the small simple application for tweaking IE 8 (an old wallpaper app to decorate the menu bar), and removed that. Will now see how it goes.

The c:\windows\system32\mshta.exe that I mentioned earlier I found in a page of Comodo separate from that to which you directed me.

Mshta is a microsoft app that does, or facilitates, … something. Have to remain vague about this.

looks like a worm, Risk Detected are you using to spy on someones computer? That is naughty and illegal.

Not a worm. Am using it to apply wallpaper to menu bar in IE 8. This old app was supplied - offered - with IE 5. An ancient thing. Have gotten used to it.