Revamp Network Rule Dialogue

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(But, you know, if you vote no it’d be nice to know the rationale.)

Pictures attached below…


  • Rule editing/creation is not consistent.
  • The user cannot review the entirety of the rule while editing/ creating it.


  • Make the “advanced” settings editable just as the “general” settings removing the tab style navigation.

What this will do:

  • Rule creation will be consistent.
  • Rule creation will be wholly transparent.
  • The new design takes up less space in general, and only under a few circumstances does it take up just one line more of space.

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Given that in the process of being moved (thank you Ronny) the thread ended up on the second page, I’m bumping this to give it a little prominent air time here.

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<~~~ doing “da bump” O0 … ;D but in all seriousness … this is the problem I have had with Comodo for YEARS. Almost every other firewall you can create (somethings its the only way) advanced rules or specify that when a certain program connects to a certain port (say Yahoo Chat clients and port 5050, for example) it will create a rule for port 5050 (w/e you decide) … and everything else is “asked” by default for that app … this way you have a "tighter grip " on App control.

If this feature was put in, there would be no reason for me (although I am using Comodo … or (re-trying it anyway) on both of my laptops right now) to EVER consider another software firewall