Returning user - question

I have been away for quite some time and decided to return to Comodo.

I am aware that there are new versions since i last touched Comodo. Last version I used was 5.x

is such versions still supported by any means?

A little to know about this rig: This is solely a gaming rig and I remmber 5.x was very light compared to all other competitors.


You can still download AV definitions for v5. For all other support you have the forums.

Thanks EricJH.

One last question, do you or anyone happen to know if the guide Chiron had pre version 6 for installation and configuration of Comodo 5.x is still available? I used to have it saved in a word document but lost it.

Captainsticks kindly pointed me to How to Install Comodo Firewall? .

EricJH, thank you for posting this. Biozfear, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with V5, but I’ll try to help with any questions you have.


Thanks for the help all, however the webarchive page is not loading up for me.

Any chance someone could put it in a word document and send it to me or a pastebin (not sure if it goes over its limit).

Appreciate the help. I do remember some of the guide but not all which includes parts of the CAV and CFW configuration.


Biozfear, I have taken that page and made it into a PDF. Please check your PM. I have sent you a download link for the PDF.


Sorry for the late reply Chiron.

Was able to download the file. The thread can be closed should there be a need.

Appreciate the help of everyone.