Returnil and Avira AntiVir updates [Resolved]

I have Avira AntiVir installed on C: (root) and am now thinking about installing Returnil (which I’ve already had but uninstalled as I found it too complicated to always turn off system protection and reboot just to get necessary updates for my AV).
If I could get AntiVir to update to D:, this problem could be circumvent. However, I do not know how to do it.
I could also uninstall AntiVir on C: and install it on D: while protecting C: with Returnil. However, I’m concerned AntiVir might not work properly on a non-system partition.
Any ideas???
Thank you in advance for your help


I don’t think there’ll be any problem with Avira if you install it on another HDD. I think that you’ll need to install it on another HDD, since the core files of Avira are updated sometimes too (and they’re located in C:).
So I would suggest you to install Avira on D:, it should works just fine. For your information, my friend uses Avira on a secondary HDD without any problems :wink:


Hey Ragwing,
thanks for your quick reply. I think I might just try it.
Btw. Do you (or anyone else) know whether there’ll also be a free version of the 2008 beta once it goes final?

P.S. Sorry, another question: How about other security software? Can I also install it on a non-system partition? CFP, BOClean or CMF for example?

Do you mean Avira AntiVir 2008?
It says on BETA site that it’s Avira Premium Security Suite 8, so I’m not sure whatever there’ll be a free version or not, but maybe.

Should work just fine, I used to run CFP 2.4 on C: (Windows installed on D:), so I doubt the newer products will have any problem with that.


Cheers m8.
No, I meant returnil 2008 (sorry, my bad. wasn’t very precise :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your help (:HUG)

Not too sure when Returnil 2008 will arrive,but I’ve been using the Beta for a couple of weeks without any issues so I’m guessing early in the new year. :■■■■

Cheers :■■■■

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