Return of the Malware scanner for firewall install only (3.5.x)

I would like the option of running a scan , which is no longer available .Apart from that ,delighted with programme.

Hello J.M,

I was so free to change the Subject so it is more clear what you are “wishing” from the board overview.
Hope you don’t mind. I’ve seen a bunch of people missing this feature already.

But as it was based on the old CAVS 2.x engine they removed it. You can also upgrade to Full CIS and disable the realtime scanner, run a manual scan once in a while with the new better AV 3.x engine.

No, don’t return it. Scanner is not supposed to be a feature of firewall – it’s a feature of antivirus. Also I think many people will be happy to not have malware bases installed and make Comodo Firewall even more lightweight than it currently is.