Return of the Computer Dummy (Still fighting Comodo Firewall Pro)

It’s been awhile since I posted on any of these forums. After I requested (and recieved, thank you so much) help with the last problem I had with my Comodo Firewall Pro, I decided to try and work on learning how to use it. Unfortunately, I still have not managed that goal. At this current time, there is a site that I cannot access unless I turn the Firewall down to the lowest setting. However…I could access it before with COMODO running in a higher security mode. I can’t figure out how keep COMODO from locking me out of this site non-stop. Another problem I have noticed is that even when I have the box checked telling Comodo to allow certain activities…it will still interefere with my access while it informs me that I’m trying to connect to the site…and it repeats this process non-stop, until I have to turn it off before I can continue. If there were an easy to use product (for people like me who were not born with a programmers chip in their brain :wink: ) I would probably switch over. As it is, I think I’m going to have to find a firewall that is Dummy-friendly. Anyone have any suggestions?

I just can’t wait to see what TC is going to be… it will make CFP 3 a breeze :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for your problems!

What is the website? What are the activities that are interfered with? What are the message(s) you get? Which version of CFP3 are you using-.377 is the latest. What OS are you using?

More than one website, and no offense but I would rather not list any of them at this time. But, my OS is Windows XP and I’m not sure about which version that is. Comodo Firewall Pro Version Certified Applications Database Version 3.0. I’m not sure how that is going to help, as I don’t want help with this firewall. I was more hoping that COMODO had a simplified firewall for people like me and that I could get some recommendations from people who have used other COMODO products.

OK, from your numbers you are using CPF 2 (Comodo Personal Firewall), not CFP 3, so I misunderstood. If you want a simple free firewall, Zone Alarm Free is the most popular under XP for good reason and gives pretty good protection with little user interaction. Their Vista version is so slow that it drives people to another solution. The Windows firewall works with no interaction from the user, provides inbound protection but no outbound protection if a piece of malware gets installed inadvertently. I’ll move it back to the previous comments section.

If you mean adult sites I have no probolems viewing them with Comodo 3.0

I also recommend Zonealarm under Windows XP. For Vista, UAC (User Account Control) and Window’s Vista’s Firewall is pretty beefy, and I like Spyware Terminator under vista too, and SUPERAntispyware along with Spybot (All those 3 anti malware programs can be used on xp/vista).

ZA does have problems with Vista at the moment, They are going through so many beta stages its not funny. Sorry to be offtopic, They released the first offical Zonealarm 7.0 on the 15th of January, 2007 , It is almost the 15th of January, and still fixing bugs for 7.0, 6 months ago from now they would usually have a 7.5 version out like previous versions, and probably now Zonealarm 8.0 would be out.

So I don’t recommend using ZA with Vista. But on XP it works great.