[retracted] game cover image files (for Wii) marked as trojan-ware


please be sure to verify the PNG header before testing the contents of the file. :wink:

btw, I’m not ■■■■-hurt over this, the covers auto-download if you have the game on your USB.

Hello Tcll,

Please submit the detected files to us so we can check them using the following link:

Thank you!

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Hello Tcll,

Can you please tell us the complete Malware Name?


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finally figured out my quarantine options… :stuck_out_tongue:
definitely much easier to use than Avast. :slight_smile:

so I’ve restored the files and looked into their data,
and to what I feared, they were corrupt… -.-*

these were recovered files from another HDD, so it comes as no surprise the data was replaced with data from another file.

so I retract the OP

I can still upload the files for you guys if you like. :slight_smile:



Yes, that would be nice.

alrighty then :slight_smile:
RSBE01: hts://www.mediafire.com/?1746x6wqzu52ucq
GKYE01: ht

Hello Tcll,

These are not False Positives, I suggest you remove them using CIS.

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like I said, I looked at the data, and I retracted the OP…
I know about searchresultsguide.com, and I know it’s fake.
I did say the PNG data got replaced when recovered. :stuck_out_tongue:

when I made the OP, the files had been quarantined, so I couldn’t look at them at that moment.
(I was playing a game and couldn’t run too much at the time (even had to close skype))

I’m not worried about having a few text files on my HDD (I like to look into this stuff to notify others to watch out for it),
but I am worried about not being notified when these files are accessed, which HIPS covers quite well. :wink:

jsyk, I took an extra precaution and corrupted the script execution so it can’t run :wink:

also, before I look like a total dumb-A…

@lingering retort: “if you were on a game and had to close skype, then how did you upload your initial image”

at the time, I didn’t feel like dealing with the quarantine as I hadn’t looked into it before, and thought it was about as complex as Avast’s quarantine…
so yea, at the time (before I knew CIS’s quarantine was so simple) I felt it easier to upload an image before getting started on my game :stuck_out_tongue: