Retirement of ASG 1

Hi All,

Just a quickie to let you know we will be putting ASG v1 out to pasture as of 12 August 2014. The official blurb goes:-

We wish to advise that the Antispam Gateway version 1 infrastructure will be retired on 12 August 2014.

Any domains that are not redirecting email to & and/or do not have [] traffic allowed in the firewall or mail-server rules may experience email interruption.

If you still haven’t done the necessary, please do. We really don’t want to mess with your mail.

Thanks guys n’ gals.


Looks to me like I am stuck on 1, at least I see the old interface when I log in.

I guess you really do hate me (the lost soul). :-[

Hey Lou,

PM me the domain which is still on v1 please


Thanks, I am now a v2 kind of guy.


Hoping that means the v2 kinda guy kinda likes what we’ve done with the place…

Yes, he does. But more than any of that, he “kinda” likes the job that it does eliminating spam and making it super easy to administer. Best of all, the users are happy campers and have stopped whining about spam.

Just home from holiday in Colorado.