Retired moderator

Hi all, especially those who remember me :smiley:

Since a few hours I’ve officially stepped down as a moderator. After all, I haven’t really been active since more than a year.

With this thread I just wish to send some greetings to all you great members out there. You are, together with the moderators and staff, the ones that make this forum a fantastic place!

I might stick around here once in a while, and whenever I need help or have some contribution, I know this forum is a great place for that.

Many greetings and wishes to you all!


All the best Leoni. Hope to see you around.

I wish you all the best LA, it’s been great working with you over the years. :slight_smile:

Kör försiktigt! (:WAV)

Best wishes, L.A.

Best wishes from me too. You made a great colleague and mod. :■■■■

Poke your head in and say “Hi” now and again. :slight_smile:

Hi LeoniAquila,
Who doesn’t ? You gotta be kidding!

It’s as usual sad seeing another great mod and most importantly helper stepping down

We are not in the position to judge your decision though :frowning:

Please do … stick! & not only “around” but kinda “inside & within” :wink:

Joining others - my very best wishes to you, Cheers!

All the best mate!- Its been good working with you over the last few years :slight_smile: I wish you well and hope you succeed in any endeavour you choose.


Arrivederci LA

Cheers to you all, thank you for the kind words! (:HUG)