rethinking comodo browsers

couldn’t comodo make its own browser core from scratch and then use the webkit rendering engine but modify it to make it faster or if comodo can’t think of any thing to add or change then just take the modified engine of chrome without taking the chromium core. that way comodo is limited by a chromium core which provides second rate extensions compared to FireFox but not be limited to FireFox catching up on isolated process technology and auto updating extensions without restarting. then comodo could create a core that has isolated processes, provides api’s for decay to write quality extensions like noscript, request policy and non diluted versions of adblock plus. that can install without restarting and auto update. and provide its own sync feature without having to abide by chromiums limitations. be able to create whatever features comodo wants without being tied down like dragon and ice dragon are. then there would be no need to use any other browser if it could offer the best features of other browsers besides maybe things like operas built in email client plus whatever comodo sees fit to add and be stable