Resume feature & fractioned update files in Update

It would be great if resume feature is included in CAV & CIS updates so even if it gets broken we (users) can continue download of updates from where it ended last time, like if update is broken on 51% in re trying it should start from 51% onwards. Please include this feature if possible.
Second thing i notice is CAV update files are in huge size at times so breaking it in fractions or segments can be great idea, especially for dial up user and people with slow internet connection face lots of problem updating virus database because of it, so if the Update file is segmented in many pieces it be good for downloading also, in case the downloading gets interupted user can then download from where they left last time.
This type of segmented updates are given by kaspersky antivirus, bitdefender also(as per my info).
Thanks all in advance…
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Great Idea!

+1! =)

:a0 Thanks monkey boy u liked the idea i m looking forward to comodo dev. to respond to this as it might be great feature as i see

I vote for this!

+1 for the resumable downloads.

FYI the overly large updates occur when there are program updates along with signature updates. It might be an idea if these were spilt into two discrete downloads, but the net download time would still be the same.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sorry to disappoint you… But the Devs rarely posts in here… :-[ :-\ But they do read it, just not post, usually good ideas and stuff that many people want gets added, after a while. :-TU We just have to wait and see if this is something they will add or not as they have a lot of stuff planned and still have some major bugs to sort out in the 3.8 version and 2 major releases planned this year with a lot of new functionally to come! 8)


Thanks all for support to this resume feature & fractioned update files in update topic.
This would be best feature when its working in CIS. :a0