"Restriction" Redunduncy?

Sorry, I don’t know how to take screenshots and upload them, so I’ll try to express it in words.

Alright, so what is the difference between the ‘Restriction’ you can set for the setting ‘Acton’ in the first page for a to-be sandboxed or already-sandboxed program and the Restriction ‘level’ you set from the options for the setting Set Restriction Level?

The action setting just means what type of sandboxing you want to apply and the level is the actual restriction level is the level of restriction you want. In other words, the action determines if you want to make a rule to fully virtualize an application or apply access rights restrictions without the application being virtualized. If you select restricted in action the default restriction level will be partially limited and therefore if want to apply a higher level of access restriction you need to select a higher level such as limited, restricted, or unknown. Action is the type of sandbox rule and the option tab determines the level of restriction.

Understood, thanks.