Restricting access depending on current network


I can’t figure out how to configure the firewall to switch (either automatically or manually) between different settings depending on the network to which I am currently connected. The thing is I want to have liberal settings when my laptop is connected to my home network, but when I take it out and connect to a public WiFi or at somebody’s else home, I want the firewall to allow connections for web browser only and ask or block all the other programs like email client, Windows updates, other software updates etc. I could create another configuration, but it also includes Defense+ settings and I don’t want to switch them (I use paranoid mode with custom policy, so maintaining it in two copies of the configuration would be a PITA). I also thought about using network zones in the settings, but it seems to be a clumsy solution.

Can someone give me a hint how can I switch between two sets of custom firewall settings with one click, or even automatically depending on the network connection? Thanks in advance!

You need to change between two configurations. It’s not convenient but it is how it works in CIS.

What I would do is to export your current twice giving it different names. For example:

  1. CIS My Proactive Home Security
  2. CIS My Proactive Away Security

Now you have two configurations with your favorite D+ Paranoid settings. Now edit the second one to be your away profile. When done save it again with the same name.

Now you have two configs to toggle between.

Thanks for your response! Unfortunately this is what I was afraid to hear… This is far from perfect because changes to the security policy are quite frequent with paranoid mode and keeping the two configurations in sync would be burdensome. :frowning: