Restoring Windows Store Apps after they got quaratined

I know the false positives has been fixed but as I could not restore the file due the folder permissions I actually gave up and reinstalled windows on my PC.
But on the other pc I will try harder to restore those files.

I am not so happy as the files involved where Windows file and by quarantining them it has made many apps unusable.
I hope someone has an answer to this as I would not be the only person with this problem.

I don’t know why the false positive happened so wont blame Comodo unless I have to.
Oh well back to fixing the other pc.


Does Windows 10 apps troubleshooter work here?

Unfortunately no it doesn’t.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no success.
I have yet to try manually taking the files from quarantine then put them in the folder they where in after changing the permissions.

I don’t even know if I can get them from quarantine yet.
I might check know but as it’s late here will most likely try in the morning.



same problem here, nothing works in order to restore the apps.

This was a very efficient action by comodo… :-TD

Does running system file checker bring back the lost Store apps?

I have already tried The system file checker and had no luck there either.
I will try one more time on the other pc to see if it works.
Will report back.


It might sound too simple but did you try to restore in Safe Mode? Not sure.

I’m having the same problem. Comodo quarantined the file SQLite3Wrapper.dll in the BingWeather and BingMoney apps and stopped them from working. Trying to restore the file gives a access denied error.
I’m running Windows 10 and CIS Pro Product Version and Database Version 24219

Can you try adding “SQLite3Wrapper.dll” to the trusted files list under file rating.

After fighting and researching with this for over a week I finally got the weather app back up and running. Not sure if I can explain what all I had to do to get but here goes.
First I uninstalled the app by running PowerShell with administrator rights. You find find details on that and what code to enter in PowerShell to uninstall the app you want on this page.

Next I had to be able to delete the 2 directories that go with the app from the Windowsapp folder. To delete these you need total access to the Windowsapp folder. I followed the instructions in this video to do that. After getting full access to the folder I deleted the 2 folders related to the weather app. Those folders where.


After deleting those folders I went into the store and reinstalled the weather app and it’s working again. Atleast for now.

I’ll try that to prevent it from happening again. The problem is the file can’t be taken out of quarantine because you don’t have write access to the folder to put it back. Even after doing what I posted about to get full access it wouldn’t let me take the file out of quarantine and put it back where it needed to be.


Can anyone tell me if an easy fix to this problem will be released?
I feel like I’ve been Ransonwared by my own Firewall :frowning:

Does the following help you guys any further: ?

Nope… not working…

Hi, finally I was able to get Windows 10 News app working again. Here are the steps I take :

  1. Uninstall the News app. To do this, I’m using the 10AppsManager. Head over to to read the details and scroll down to download.

  2. After the uninstalling is done, what I do next is to delete the News app folder in “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps”. For example, for the News app, the folder I want to delete is “Microsoft.BingNews*”. Please note you may have to delete all the folder with same prefix such as “Microsoft.BingNews”.

However, I couldn’t delete the folder with default user’s permission settings. What I do is to use the “Q-dir” explorer. You can use the portable version. The step is to run the program using administrator privilleges. Next is to use the “Extra” > “System” > “Enable privillege e.g…” function. After that I went to the “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps” and delete all “Microsoft.BingNews” prefix folders. Clearer instruction and example can be read here : On Windows 8.1 and 10, how to clean up the app folder, delete apps . Download page for Q-dir is here : Q-Dir 11.24 Download - The Quad Explorer

  1. After that, I would delete related News app folder in my user directory. For example, the base directory to find is “C:\Users<YOUR-USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Packages”. The related folders (in my case) in the base directory is prefix with “Microsoft.BingNews_”. Delete that folder normally using delete command. If you are not able to delete it, you may want to use the Q-dir again.

  2. Next, I will scan my registries using a registry cleaner. I don’t think this step would be necessary but I would usually done this to make sure I have a clean uninstall of any software. I used CCleaner for this.

  3. Then, I reboot the PC. After it came back up, I launch the store apps again, then search for the News app. In my case it is the MSN News. You should now be able to install it. After installation, you should be able to launch your News app again and start with a fresh settings.

Using these steps, I can avoid creating a new user account as some ppl suggested as I searching for the solution. I hope this could give help for those who don’t want to reinstall the whole OS just to get the apps running back.

WARNING : PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN DELETING THE FOLDERS. MAKE SURE IT IS THE RIGHT ONE. I will not responsible for any damage done using this steps. Take your own risk (if you’re going to format anyway :P).

I would appreciate if someone who got the steps to present this steps in more appropriate way (grammars, words, etc.).

Thank you and enjoy your apps! 8)

Thank you for posting a working strategy Tokapi.

I split and moved all the posts from the false positive topic to a topic in the AV Help board.