Restoring from a DVD

I downloaded and tried out Comodo Backup for the first time today - it meets my needs very well and I would like to start using it. Unfortunately, I do not understand how to restore files when the backup comprises a ZIP file on a DVD.

I created a compressed, password protected, full backup of a number of directories on a DVD. Does CB provide any restore capabilities from such backups or is it necessary to open the archive and extract the required files using a normal ZIP file tool?



PS Love the simple interface and the synchronisation. Would be useful if the 2Gb limit could be removed or was a bit more prominent.

The restore function is on the BACKUP menu.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen, I saw it there and tried it.

It only gives the option of “Restore from Local Machine”. In the subsequent dialogue box, no matter which option I choose, there does not seem to be a way of indicating I am restoring from a compressed zip file - it presents me with a complete explorer view of my machine.

If I try to click on the D drive, it just hangs. At no stage does it ask me for my password.

What am I doing wrong?