Restore way too slow!

Hi. I have been using Comodo Backup to back up my important work files. I have never had to restore anything, till today. I needed one Word file restored from the backup, as soon as possible. I opened Comodo Backup (running on my Windows 7, 64 bit), and went to “Restore,” “Recent Backup” (or something to that effect). I found the backup that I wanted to restore (from February 21), and tried to restore it. Nothing happened for a while, and then I realized that the program had installed an update to (without asking me), and wouldn’t restore it until I restarted the PC. So I did. When I opened up the newly updated CB, all the “Recent Backups” were gone. That tab was empty now. So I went to the next tab to the right, and found the backup files (but I could not choose the date), and tried to restore them. It has been hours since I started the Resore operation, and the progress bar is still at 0%, and it says it has 3 months and 2 days remaining. Who would wait 3 months and 2 days to restore one Word file?

So, my questions are: What happened when the program was updated (without asking me in such an emergency)? Why can’t I choose the specific backup that I want to restore the file from any more, after the update? And, HOW CAN I RESTORE THE FILE NOW, INSTEAD OF 3 MONTHS FROM NOW?

Thank you in advance.

Takuo Yasuda