Restore via FTP

Hello -

I just downloaded and installed Comodo ths afternoon. Congratulations on a very nice user interface.

I’m trying to backup to an FTP server. The backup segment works flawlessly. The next test was to delete a file, and try to restore it. That’s where I ran into a problem.

I go to ‘Restore from Local Machine’, Select my Backup, then choose ‘Only Missing Files’ … Next … the folder where the files are located is defaulting to /MyDocuments, which isn’t correct. It should be / (ftp root). When I click Browse, it allows me to Browse my local machine, which doesn’t help (I don’t think).

If I continue, with the wrong path, it reports ‘Restore completed’, but it never even connects to the FTP server.

So I think I have two questions/problems:

  1. How do I correct the restore path?
  2. Why doesn’t it at least try to connect to the FTP server (even if it would fail)? Is Restoring via FTP not supported?


Hi atr

Welcome to the Comodo forums

I don’t have an ftp server to test this out on but did a test with LAN and USB drives. They both allow me to browse for the files but even when the LAN or USB drive is disconnected it still gives me ‘restore completed’.

Hopefully someone else that has an ftp backup can help out here as well.


I did the same thing - and have no issues with mappable drives. It only appears to be FTP.