Restore System Disk

I just installed CB on a Win 7 Ptofessional 64.

How do I restore MBR and C drive? Typical senario would be:

  1. I created a Disk, Partition, MBR backup that includes MBR and C Drive
  2. The backup is located on an external USB drive
  3. Of course, CB is installed on the C drive
  4. I create a WinPE boot CD disk
  5. My current C drive crushes.
  6. I install a new drive into my PC
  7. I boot using the WinPE CD
    Question: HOW DO I Restore MBR and C Drive backup created in step 1?

Thank you

You copy CBU.exe and all the files in installation folder to a separate folder that is not on the drive that will be restored.
Then you copy all files in \Program Files\COMODO\Common and \Program Files\COMODO\Common\Lang to that same folder.
Then you run CBU.exe and in restore step 2 there will be options to restore the partition and MBR to compatible drives/disks. By default, the original location will be selected as target of the restore operation.


Thanks, that’s great.

These directories are not big and they fit in my WinPE recovery USB drive. Will it work if I include them there?



I would like to follow up on this a little more, as it is a very critical issue to be able to recover from a System Disk failure.

First of all, I am not a very technical person, in particular when it comes to Windows. However, I am good at following instructions.

Specifically, where do I place the CB directories / files?
My Winpe 3.0 is the bare bones one created directly from the Microsoft AIK package. I made it into a bootable USB flash drive and it has plenty of space to place CB files there.
However, after I boot from this flash drive, I am at the command prompt X:\ and I cannot see the CB directory.

Is there a place (or will you post one) with detailed, not too technical instructions on how to restore a system disk backup to a new drive.


You need to place all files from \Program Files\Comodo\Common, \Program Files\Comodo\Common\Langs, \Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Backup into the same directory. This directory can be on X:\SomeFolder (USB drive) or another folder on any other drive that is not a target of the restore operation.

Hope this is not too technical.



Of course, when I create the WinPE ISO image, there is no X drive, and of course there is no X drive until after the boot, in which case it is too late.
I found a rather complete instruction set in your documentation for Version 3.0, Appendix 3, section for Win 7.

In any case I was successful to create a WINPE with Comodo in it and boot from it. Of course. you realize that if you target your software for the general masses, this is absolutely a loosing proposition. I asked my wife, 18 year old son and 20 year old daughter to create a Winpe rescue disk following these instructions, and they thought I was crazy.

It would have been so much simpler to have an option to just create a “Rescue Disk” .

I will open another thread regarding the failure of restoring the System backup using the WinPE boot disk.


We know that the steps to create rescue disk are quite complicated for a non-technical person.
This is why the next version will have an option just to create “Rescue Disk”, without having to go through complex steps.


This sounds good. :azn: :azn:

Fingers are crossed…