restore system after fixing windows

Hi everyone, could surely need your help!

I have installed CTM on my system sometime back, but some strange happenings occur on my com and i can’t access any programs on my windows, not even CTM. Thus, I reinstalled windows and all the files from my now “damage windows” is still in my computer but they are in a folder called windows.old …

Right now, I have a urgent file that I would need to retrieve but couldn’t find it. Thus I was wondering how could I restore one of the snapshot that I have taken from my “damage windows”. all the files is still intect and I could find it, even the installed CTM is still in my programs file in my “damage windows”… I have just install a copy of CTM in my “reinstalled windows”… pls help

Althought i have already read alot in this forum, but hope someone could help me with a solution, really desperate time here …

thanks alot

The snapshots aren’t stored into files or backups. They’re on the free space of the disk.
If you uninstall CTM, all the snapshots are lost. If you install CTM again, you can’t recover the old snapshots.

Reccomend you to next time something happens like this, access CTM through the home key before windows boots, that way, no need to reinstall windows.

Anyway, ur files are a complete loss, what is in you windows.old folder are the archives you had in CTM baseline, everything after that is just lost.

Feel sorry for u, but next time before doing anything try to ask for help to someone else and maybe u could had saved ur data.