Restore password [RESOLVED]

Hello. I create Comodo backup online and now I want to restore it. But when I want to do it Comodo backup ask me for password. I did not create any password to restore and service password is incorrect. So what do I have to do ??? Please , help needed. Greetings.

It is begin to be annoying. This is part of forum called : “Comodo Backup” and “Help”.
So am I i right place or what. ??? 24 hours past and nobody even try to help me. >:(
Please help me because my patience is not eternal. :stuck_out_tongue:

go here and than press forgoten password.

Will this help?

Valentin N

Valentin N , like always You are very nice guy.
But this time You did not helped me : I know my password to Comodo backup and I know my password to my Comodo Online Storage service. Did You use Comodo backup?
I did backup files without any problems but now I want to restore it.
And when in Comodo backup online I “click” restore it ask me for a password. But as I said before : I did not create any other password , I only have a two passwords , one to Comodo backup online , and second to backup service. And no password match. Shit. !!! >:(

I use CB and I have password protected backups so it works and my advice it would be to remake your old password and see if that helps.

Valentin N

I can log in to my Comodo Online Storage account without any problems. Login is ok. Password is ok.
But on computer I installed Comodo Backup program , then I send files to Online Storage also without any problems.
But now I want to restore this files and program ask me of some password. What password ???
None of my passwords : to log in and to Online Starage does not match.
So I need help because I can’t recover my files. >:(

You’re sure that you didn’t give your backup a password (remember that the backup itself can be password protection which has nothing to do with your account).

I will try to backup something online with a password and I will come back to you.

My alternative solution is that you make your backups on your harddisk or on your external HDD.

Valentin N

Now I am pretty sure that I will never use this Comodo Online Storage anymore.
I just want my files back to me. This is my ownership. I have to recover it somehow. :cry:


Only CBU files can be restored with CB.
Did you use CBU file backup?
If not and you are trying to restore a ZIP, ISO or something else, you will be asked for password because CB assumes the file is encrypted CBU backup file.
To avoid the problem you can go to Online Backup TAB, download the ZIP, ISO, etc file(s) to a local drive and restore using a third party tool.


Hello Emanuel Sescu.
Finally I received a reply from You. I waited for it impatiently.
I will try to follow Your instructions.
If I be able to recover my files I will try to get to know Comodo Backup better and I will use it again hopefuly.

This is also not working. I can’t restore my files. It’s hopeless. :-TD :cry: >:(

you can’t even download them?

Perfect shot Valentin N.
Yes I can download files. But I don’t want to download , I want to restore my files back to me. I don’t want to any of my files left on Comodo Online Storage. At least for now.
It is annoying because if I knew it would be so many problems I would not decide to use it.
Comodo Backup program should be user friendly, and this causes me problems again and again.
So the issue here is not about downloadnig but about take back my files from Online Storage.
I understand that I have right to do this … Aghrrr , I am so angry.
P.S. Please , check Your PM’s.

if you download them you will be able to restore them. this one way to solve this issue that you have.

Valentin N

What backup format did you use? (CBU, ZIP, ISO, Simple Copy)?


Hello Emanuel Sescu.
Hmm , probably I did not use any backup format , because I put photos on Comodo Storage Online.
When I install and later used Comodo Backup software, this program did not asked me for a password or backup format. Program allowed me to upload photos , but now I can’t restore them - “password does not match”. What do I have to do to retrieve photos from Comodo Online Storage? Maybe it is some easy way to do this, but I just don’t know how. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to Online Backup TAB and download them there. Press the “<” button or mount the storage as virtual drive (check the “Mount as local drive” checkbox).


In the end it all worked out. :wink:
I want to thank very much Valentin N and Emanuel Sescu, without You guys I would not advised.
It seems that a man learns all his life. I am truly grateful for your help. :-TU
This topic could be closed. Take care everybody.