Restore not successful

Last month I downloaded and CSC 1.1.63928.28 and ran the registry cleaner.

After completion I was only able to boot in safe mode. After that my system (WinXP SP-3) would not reboot properly and I had to use the last known good configuration when booting to get things going. Then I had a sharing problem on the network that my SysAdmin had to fix, and my Jaws PDF Creator program didn’t work and I had to reinstall it.

Now I find that I’m having a Microsoft Office problem and I am not able to insert an MS Word 2000 object in an MS Visio 2003 drawing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programs but that has not fixed the problem, so I suspect the problem is in the registry. Can you suggest registry keys to check and fix in order to restore the functionality?

Regarding CSC backup and restore, from the size of the backup file, it looks like this is only a partial registry backup. I suppose it makes sense only to backup registry keys that were changed or deleted, but maybe a full registry backup would be safer, even if it takes more time, since it can save a lot of time later.

I agree completely! :-TU


Please download the latest version of Comodo Registry Cleaner ( 1.1.64945.37 ) which contains lots of fixes and improvements compared to the .28 version, and many of them concerning Microsoft based applications and registry scanning and backup optimizations.

Thank you for your support