"Restore Network Activity" sometime can't restore the Firewall Security Level.

[CIS6] “Restore Network Activity” sometime can’t restore the Firewall Security Level.
Normal: “Stop Network Activity/Restore Network Activity” ⇔ “Custom Policy/Block All”
Failure: “Stop Network Activity/Restore Network Activity” ⇔ “Block All/Block All”

[s]CIS6 Firewall is not compatible in Win8 with Feb’13 Patch (KB2795944 or KB2790655?)???
I can’t connect to internet when CIS6 Firewall is enabled?

COMODO Internet Security 6.0.264710.2708 x64[/s]

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I am running cis 6.0 2708 and all the windows updates (305 Megs) that yesterday. I have no problems.
What exactly is your problem?

I believe I have also experienced this. If you click the stop all traffic button it will switch the firewall to “Block All” everything normal.

However, when click the restore button it stays on “Block All”.

One thing I noticed is that if you click the stop all traffic button, open up the advanced firewall settings click, “OK” and then try to restore the network traffic, CIS fails to change it back to “Safe Mode” or whatever you have it set to.