I have laptop with windows professional. I backed up the file and sold my laptop. now when i wanted to restore to my latest laptop (home premium) it refuses to restore. Urgent help required…

If your Win7 Pro package was preinstalled, you can’t just make an image and drop it onto any other PC and not have issues.

Preinstalled OEM installs are tailored to the specific hardware it was originally installed onto.

Additionally, if it was an OEM O/S, then, under the license agreement, you are not allowed to transfer it to any other PC.

You can legally only remove a Windows O/S from one PC and install it on another if you have purchased a full retail license. You cannot do this with OEM versions.

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Firstly the back up that I have made is not an image - i have just backed up the individual folders (libraries). So I want to just make sure that the data that I want in my user ID to be restored.

And the windows 7 versions that i have are not OEM.

Still wiating - have a great lot to recover…


At least part of the user information is stored in the registry. I doubt you will just be able to copy file form one system to another and get it to work.

If on the other hand, you’re talking about user generated data (documents, MP3s etc.) then you can just transfer these, but DRM’d media files won’t play.

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panic - thanks for the reply - but how do i do it? it is refusing to copy the data - (restore) on my laptop…

Can you tell me what folders you copied and how you copied them.

I copied my entire libraries. and I am panicking as i just cannot restore anything


It just keeps on popping up message that the windows version is not compatible…

Have you tired copying the folders to a non-standard location? Make a folder in the root of your C: drive and copy the folders to there and see if you can read the contents. If you can, you may need to manually copy the contents of the library folders to the real libraries as supplied with your new installation.

Panic, I really appreciate your trying to help me. the problem is that the restore does not start only as it says that it is incorrect version of windows.
Secondly I took the backup on to a friend of mine - he has a windows 7 professional. we could not start the restore on his computer.
There is one more feed back that may help you to help me – that is that the backup was made on 32 bit system and the restore is being tried on 64 bit system - could that be making a difference?
Finally I will loose tons of life killing data if this restore ultimately does not take place. - Pictures - all, office documents, my entire 15 years plus of records…
I would request anyone who can help to try - and thanks for those who are trying already…



You can restore this backup on any Windows 7 32-bit.
If you don’t have such a version of Windows , you can try the new Comodo BackUp BETA:


Backup 3 BETA can also mount the CBU backup file and you can copy individual files from the mounted volume.