Restore fails - HELP

CTM trashed my system so I couldn’t boot. Couldn’t repair so foreced to reload windows. Then downloaded CB to do a restore from my seperate hard drive. It’s a full (disk, partitition, MBR) backup. Did following:

Clean Restore (only choice)
Showed restore on next reboot
CBU started and failed with error code 46 (which is path as I understand it)

How do I get the restore to work or any workaround on this?


do you have a log that we can view to see where its failing?

OK, sorry…where do I find the log file?


Found it…only thing it contains after reboot-restore attempt is:

Opening backup file…
Preparing disk for restore…

But on screen shows failed with error code 46


the only thing that i can assume is that your drive is somehow different now and file paths are not what they need to be for the restore. we will have to wait for moderator confirmation on that one.


Error 46 means an invalid path was encountered.
Maybe you are trying to restore from an external disk that is not visible at reboot.


Agree that’s what it appears…question is how as it’s recognized otherwise in windows ?? My belief is when I ran the backup the drive letter (or something) was included in the backup and now it’s not where it’s looking on reboot. This is definitely a lesson in not running a partition-disk-MBR backup and just running folders-files backup.

Anyone…Ideas on how to manually get around this ?