Restore Fail Error Code 14

I am trying to restore documents backup file.

I backed up from another pc using windows 7 and am now trying to restore to a different pc using windows 7.

The file always nearly finishes restoring with 3 seconds to go it will bring up this error code 14.

I originally tried to restore straight from my external hd but have since then tried to restore using the same file copied to my C drive on my pc and also my documents on my pc.

I spoke to Comodo geekbuddy and someone remotely took over my pc but couldnt help. They said they couldnt solve the problem.

I can see all my files listed on the verify screen there must be a way to extract those files?? they are all there!

can anyone help please I need to use those documents urgently.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

Can you tell me which file format you backuped your files? When you get such error it will also add some additional comment, what does that say. I would be happy if you could take screenshot.

Valentin N

Thanks for your reply.

Here is the screen grab attached.

I forgot to mention that the Geekbuddy guy found a file within the backup that he said was corrrupted and the program gives you the option to delete the file but when you come to delete it it says error occurred and unable to delete.

[attachment deleted by admin]

it seems that the you have corrupted back file. have you tried to delete it manually?


How big is the backup file?


Thank you for your help guys I’ve done it now!

could you to zip you backup and see if you have restore it after finishing the backup in zip format. follow all of the 5 steps

Valentin N

One more possibility is to use “CBU Mount” feature to browse the backup and view/copy files you need.
This option is available in explorer (right click on backup file) or in Restore Step 2 (press Mount)