Restore defaults

A couple of days ago I found a thread describing the process for the import of default global rules settings in version 4.

I got distracted during the heads -up and now coming back to it I can’t find it again.

Some navigation assistance would be much appreciated!

You need to go to More → Manage My Configurations and choose Import. Then navigate to the CIS installation folder to find the back up default configurations. Give the new configuration a meaningful name.

That’s it.

Many thanks for the help.

I had remembered most of it but I was unsure about the renaming bit and didn’t want to ■■■■■ the whole thing up. I had forgotten the option to rename came after selecting the import.

This FW really is the business! You have to make the effort and take the time to get to understand it to get the best out of it.

Thanks again.

The firewall is kick ■■■ but has a lot of buttons. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here at the forums.