Restore Default Settings?

Has anyone every messed with CIS settings to try and get full/better security?

I have, and its really hard to change the settings back to their defaults, unless you visit the CIS help page.

I figured that Comodo should have a restore defaults setting in the “More” tab section.

This option should have the ability to delete all user customizations and restore CIS to it’s original factory default.


This is already possible but not as simple as by pushing a button or similar action

The CIS installation folder holds the factory defaults of the three configurations CIS comes with. You can import them under Manage My Configurations and activate them and be back at factory defaults.

When you first install CIS, export all of the default configurations to a remote location. If you ever want to return to default, just import one of the configs you saved.

You can do this already, it’s just not obvious. See images

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That’s not what most people would do if they were going to change Comodo’s settings. If you made a mistake and let one file (malware) into your pc, Comodo keeps a rule of that action. A reset option could drop all of comodo user defined rules to make CIS act as if the malware was never allowed, and the user could regain control. I feel that their should be a reset option that would restore CIS to a pre defined state.

That’s what I’ve described. The configuration files are the defaults that are installed when you install CIS, they are not changed, but rather the settings are read from the file to populate the registry.

I still think that it would be less of a hassel for an average user to just add an option to the program.

Although importing an initial/inbuilt configuration file gives the same result, it is not as easy and intuitive as a simple “load defaults” button.

I agree completely :-TU